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Guru Ji is well known Best Astrologer, Tantrik and Vashikaran specialist in following cities in INDIA Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai and Punjab. We provide Spiritual Help, Guidance and Support In India. Our knowledge and better understanding with clients preferences has helped us to provide quality assured services to various clients. We have focused on Nine Karmas(Shanti – Peace, Pushti – Wealth, Vashikaran – Enslave, Istambhan – Paralysing, Jrambhan – Change, Mohan – Attraction, Akarshan – Attraction, Uchchatan – Fear and Vidweshan – Division etc.,) of Tantra to solve all type of Tantrik problems only on maakalika.com. We, as an individual entity, provide the Best Tantrik Solutions in India. He has conducted over 10,90,870 consultations and love forecasts with nearly all success rate. Currently,

Guru Ji is being writing columns related to Astrology,Tantra and Vashikaran to solve love problems for a leading newspaper. Guru Ji successfully launched maakalika.com in order to deliver the best results anonymously. The idea of creating this website emerged one day when Guru Ji happened to read increased number of suicides and murders due to failed love. He is not only the Best astrologer but also predicts natural disasters. Almost all his predictions have proven to be true. Guru Ji is a student of Tantra since the tender age of 8. He is frequently found reading Tantra books.

  • Unlucky in love?
  • Compatible with your partner
  • Had a tiff with your partner?
  • Going through a divorce?
  • Signs he’s falling?
  • To solve your Relationship
  • To Wealth and Peace in Home
  • Resolve business problems.
  • Black magic removal
  • Get your ex back
  • To Kundli and Match Making
  • To Hawan/Anusthan etc.

Yes, Guru Ji is here to Solve love problems by tantra, He will let you know if your relationship is meant to be or fated to fail. Get to know about your love life here. Applicable for all age groups. We have provided a special consultancy for those who have burning/urgent questions about their love life. These clients will be treated as top most priority and will be attended accordingly for best results as soon as possible. Only members are allowed to use this feature.

Generally, after an uphill battle to save a drowning relationship or tackling any love related problem, we don’t get an appropriate satisfying, guaranteed result. In this case, we tend to lose hope in every existing relationship that try to raise those feelings and hopes again. So henceforth, we need the best solution that wouldn’t give us false hopes. Then we chose to Solve love problems by tantra. Our goal is to provide satisfying results and help the youth to deal with problems in love and learn to tackle them efficiently and with courage.

Chakras or Energy Centers

Chakras or Energy Centers

There are seven key Chakras or Energy Centers in the human body that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and heart. They deeply influence our physical, emotional and mental state. The presence of these energy centers in our body has now been scientifically documented by Kirlean photography. When any of the energy centers is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the body gets diseased. This changes the physical, mental, and emotional state from ease to ‘dis-ease’. This low energy can be felt much before it manifests itself in the physical body as a disease. If we keep the energy centers in a cleansed and energized condition, they can help us live a disease free, stress free, and blissful healthy life.

Provides intellectual knowledge, the simple understanding and practice of which provides powerful healing by establishing positive mindsets in the human conscious zone.

Seven powerful and effective meditations that are dynamic and unique, and give the experience itself of a blissful and joyful mindset.

Muladhara Chakra The root center– Experience for the first time being in ‘reality’. Experience your energy levels soaring to new heights!

Swadishtana ChakraThe being center– Acquire the ability to confront fear and being in right action in the face of fears that stop you from living life fully! Experience a shift in the way you respond to challenging situations in your life.

Manipuraka ChakraThe navel center– Get rid of all your worries. Experience a worry-free space that leaves you with a unique freedom to mould your life the way you want it not getting stopped by worries and complaints that rule your life.

Anahata Chakra The Heart Centre – Experience pure energy of love explode within you that leaves you with deep reverence and romance with everything in your life.

Vishuddhi Chakra The Throat Centre – Unlock the highest cosmic energy zone in you that leaves you fresh and alive for longer periods of time with the ability to effectively use your energy to do more quality work in less time.

Ajna ChakraThe Brow Centre – Taste the space of being God where whatever you will, WILL happen! Experience being the author of your life.

Sahasraara ChakraThe Crown Centre – Establish yourself in gratitude and contentment that leaves you in a miraculous space where you are blooming with joy and celebration like never before!

Tantrik Ten Karma

Tantrik Ten Karma

In Tantra, there are ten categories of actions (Karmas) that a mantra can accomplish. These ten categories cover all aspects of human desires, good and bad and include all the ways that mantra can be used. The intensions of the Mantra worshipper or “Mantra Shadak” are his or her responsibility. One must thus be clear about why one picks up this tool of Mantra meditation. Good or bad Karmas are categorized according to the effect they create inside and outside the individual, who should be prepared to acknowledge responsibility for the same.

  1. Shanti (Peaceful) Karma: Mantra that makes one free from disease, psychological problems, fears, illusions and worldly and environmental troubles; and mantra done without any desire for reward, power or attachment.
  2. Istambhan Karma: Mantra used to stop the movement of any living thing or inanimate object in nature.
  3. Mohan Karma: Mantra used to attract a man, woman or animal. Mesmerism and hypnotism come under this category. Also known as sammohan.
  4. Uchchatan Karma: Mantra used to disturb the mental equilibrium of any living being. Such a mantra increase doubt, uncertainty, fear and delusion in the person on whom the same is directed.
  5. Vashikaran Karma: Mantra used to enslave somebody. The one on whom the mantra is used, loses his own discrimination and will power and become like a puppet. Vashikaran means controlling the consciousness of the one on whom the mantra is used. (Vash = control, karan = doing.)
  6. Akarshan Karma: Mantra used to attract somebody who is living at a distant place.
  7. Jrambhan Karma: Mantra used to change behavior patterns so that the one on whom the mantra is used starts acting the way the one using the mantra.
  8. Vidweshan Karma: Mantra used to create opposition between two individuals. This kind of mantra creates anger, hatred, jealousy and aggression in both individuals towards each other. With others, their behavior remain as usual; it only changes with the one whom the user of the mantra chooses and the result is animosity.
  9. Maran Karma: It is very bad karma. Please do not contact us for it.
  10. Pushti Karma: Mantra used to increase one’s own or another’s wealth, name, fame, goodwill, social status, power etc. Also known as Paustik.

The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar

Astrologer Tantrik & Vashikaran Specialist

Kali is one of the many forms of Shakti. Maha Kali is the fiercest of all goddesses of Hinduism. The word Kali has its roots in the Sanskrit word “Kaal“, which means time. And nothing escapes from time. Maha Kaali is the most compassionate of all the forms of goddesses as she provides salvation or liberation to her children. Kali is equivalent to Shiva because both of them are the destroyers of evil fake and unreal. It is considered that with the glimpse of Maa Kali, ego trembles with terror seeing its own eventual demise in her.

People who are attached to their ego would not be able to receive the idea of Kali and she will appear in a wrathful form to them. But people, who are engaged in spirituality, removing the illusion of the ego, will find Maha Kaali in a different form. Maa Kali will appear as sweet, affectionate, and overflowing with perplexing love for them.
Goddess Kali has four arms and hands depicting her immense strength. In two of her hands, she holds a sword and a fresh severed head, representing a great battle in which she defeated the demon Raktabija. The other two hands are there to bless her true devotees, suggesting that they will be saved as she will guide them here and in the hereafter.

Kali wears a garland made of 52 skulls and a skirt made of dismembered arms because the ego comes out of identification with the body. It suggests that physical body is false and spirit is the only reality. Her black or sometimes dark blue skin represents the womb of the unmanifest from which all of creation is born and into which all of creation will ultimately return. Therefore, the concepts of color, light, dark, good or bad do not apply to her as she is the pure, un-manifested energy, the Adishakti.
Goddess Kali is seen standing with her one feet on Lord Shiva who is pure formless awareness Sat-Chit-Ananda (being-consciousness-bliss) while Kali represents “form” eternally sustained by the underpinning of pure awareness.
Kali in her seed mantra is KRIM. This mantra is a sound representation of the mother while the inner meaning of this mantra can only be understood in deep meditation, the word meaning is a follows: K stands for full knowledge R means she is auspicious, I means she bestows boons and M that She gives freedom. Through the repetition of her mantra, OM KRIM KALI, the Aspirants mind become divinely transformed and passes from the gross state of worldly affairs into kali’s Subtle light of pure consciousness.

Inner Awakening

Inner Awakening

Inner Awakening is about not waiting for life to happen to you, it is not about positive thinking, personal growth or just good health. It is about going beyond your normal happiness and pain, and awakening the unknown hidden potential energy in you that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, permanently! It takes you on the most joyful and intense journey inside yourself, directly under the compassionate guidance of living Enlightened master and incarnation, Guru Ji. This irreversible transformational process is a modern expression of the ancient Vedic Science of Enlightenment dating back to ten thousand years. Can you imagine what your life would be if you had the breakthrough needed to create an extraordinary life now? By our very nature, we are wired for enligtenment! Thousands are discovering a phenomenon of quantum awakening. When inner awakening happens, the higher emotions happen in you. “There is an extraordinary potential hidden inside every human being. If it is awakened it will take you to a much higher plane of consciousness – beyond the limitations of human body-mind. Experience this super-consciousness, actualize your ultimate potential. This is the only aim of human life – to live the ultimate luxury of enlightenment.”

How the human mind functions

How the human mind functions and learn the art of mastering your mind: Unravel the secrets of mind and its functioning and how it directly affects the day to day functioning of our daily chores, be it at office or at home; be it with family or with friends or with complete strangers.

Many studies in the field of neuroscience have shown that our brains are much like computers, and can be programmed through the repetition of certain actions or thought patterns. These behaviors create neural pathways in the brain, which are responsible for determining the way in which we conduct our lives. Over time, these pathways become so embedded in the brain, that we often do not realize why we do what we do. From the way we interact with others to the manner in which we carry out our daily activities, everything has become an unconscious routine.

Guru Ji, discovered that the time needed for brain circuits to convert engrams (memories traces) into neural pathways -takes 21 days. Research has also shown that we can actively reprogram our brains in order to create new neural networks. Restructuring the neural pathways in the brain that align with heal their and more productive life style choices, is the most transformative aspect of Inner Awakening. Each dimension in this program can activate powerful processes in you on the emotional, mental, and physiological levels.

Right Brain Stimulation

Right brain activities stimulate the right side of the brain which is usually closed after 6 or 7 years of age. When the child is born they have 100% right brain use and slowly the child adapts itself to the left brain world and eventually forgets to use the right brain, which is the biggest loss for mankind. The right brain is responsible for creativity, intuition, spontaneity, quantum memory, learning in a flash, and computer like calculations etc.

Brain Yoga

Brain Yoga activates the ability to balance the right and the left brain to help open up the sixth sense. The children are given activities to balance the right and left positions of the body simultaneously using distinctive postures that stimulate both sides. The brain wave moves from Beta to alpha increasing their alertness and attention. Children are also encouraged to learn a number of postures that bring out a new dimension in their appreciation of their bodies.

Astrologer Tantrik & Vashikaran Specialist

Quantum Memory

The brain of a toddler has already formed 1000 trillion connections by the end of their third year (twice as many as adults have). Their brains are twice as active as a college student and can absorb and organize new information much faster than an adult. Quantum memory is a constant downloading of information without interference of the mind. Reading skill is directly related to memory skill. When we learn something in complete awareness, usually when we are in shock or ecstasy, we remember it for ever. Likewise, reading without interference of the mind, that is reading at quantum speed, will lead to quantum memory without mind getting in between.

Guru Ji, World Famous Celebrity Tantrik India, is the First Person in the World who Introduced the Concept of Astrology in the Name Balancing of an Individuali’s Name. He has combined Both Astrology as well as Numerology in Name Number Balancing Method, that is why his Astrology & Numerology Readings are so Accurate & Result Oriented. People say that Whenever any Individual gets His or Her Spellings Altered, or gets the Name of the Company Numerologically Balanced, the Results of his Readings are really very very Fast. Guru Ji is famous Numerologist in India. World famous Numerologist in Pune.Guru Ji is a World Famous Personal Celebrity Tantrik,Numerologist, Gem Stone Consultant & Vastu Shastra Consultant Of Most of the Actors, Actresses, Film Stars, Directors, Models, Musicians & Producers of Bollywood Mumbai, Lollywood, Tollywood, Indian Television Industry as well as Hollywood. Guru Ji is famous Numerologist in Hyderabad. World famous Numerologist in Delhi.Most of the Bollywood, Film Industry & Hollywood Stars, Actors, Actresses, Sportsmen, Cricketers, Businessmen, Industrialists Consult Guru Ji ji before INVESTING THEIR MONEY IN SHARE MARKET, REAL ESTATE AS WELL AS COMMODITY MARKET. Guru Ji is famous Numerologist in Bangalore. 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Acharya Guru Ji Ji gives Exclusive Predictions For SENSEX, NSE, BSE, NASDAQ, ASX, DOW JONES, NYSE, MCX, NCDEX, NMCE, BRVM, JSE, CSE, NIKKEI, KOSPI, HANG SENG, SHANGHAI INDEX, FTSE LONDON, CAC, DAX, SGX, KSE, DIFX etc etc.He Just needs your Full Name, Date of Birth, Time Of Birth, Place Of Birth & If You Are Married Your Date Of Marriage Also. He Checks Your Horoscope (Astrological as well as Numerological Charts) through Science of Astrology as well as Numerology With Both Indian as well as American System .He Always Says No Jantar, No Mantar, No Tantar.He suggests Very Very Simple & Practical Remedies which are Very Very Easy to Perform & are very very effective also.Guru Ji is always being Invited Personally by Most of the Bollywood Stars, Actors, Actresses, Directors, Sports Personalities, Cine Stars, Singers, Models, Cricketers, Politicians, Atheletes, TV Stars For Vaastu Visit of their House, Flat, Bungalow, Showrooms, Hotels, Home, Farm House, Studio etc.Whenever Film Stars have to Purchase any Property Either for Personal or Commercial Use, They Prefer to take Prior Consultation from Guru ji that Is the Building Following the Proper Vaastu Principles or Not.He Predicts your Horoscope By Minutely Analyzing the Divisional as Well as Sub Divisional Charts. He Even Checks the Nakshatras You were Born in. He Balances your Name as well as your Company’s Name According to Astrology as well as Numerology Taking into Consideration the Position of Planets in all your Divisional as well as Subdivisional charts of your Horoscope.His method of prediction is completely different from other Tantriks as well as Numerologists because he does Calculations of the Degrees of the Planets affecting your Horoscope (Janam Kundli), He checks the Degrees of the Planets that whether they are in the state of Infancy, Old Age or the Degree Level of Planets is Moderate.He even gives Consultations by Phone also, You can meet him Personally also subject to prior Appointment only. He is totally Dedicated to the extreme of the cases.You Can Even Meet Guru Ji ji, World Famous Numerologist, Personally IN NEW DELHI, GURGAON, MUMBAI, BANGALORE, CHANDIGARH, LUDHIANA, JAMMU, KOLKATA, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, NOIDA, AHMEDABAD, PUNE, INDORE, BHOPAL, DEHRADUN, GREATER NOIDA, JAIPUR, AJMER, ALWAR, SURAT, VADODARA, MADURAI, COIMBATORE, FARIDABAD, IMPHAL, PATNA, SILIGURI, MANGALORE, DURGAPUR, JALANDHAR, TIRCHY, KOTA etc etc.Guru Ji has been Appointed as the Managing Director of ASTRO NUMERO RESEARCH CENTRE, an Organization which does the Practical Research on the Vedic Subjects of Astrology, Numerology, Gemology, Graphology, Palmistry, Fortunology, Nameology, Vaastu Shashtra Science, Clairvoyance, Feng Shui etc for the Welfare of People of the World so that they can Solve their Personnel as well as Professional Problems through the Best Remedies Offered in a Scientific Way.Guru Ji,World Famous Vastu Shastra Consultant is the Director of INSTITUTE OF VAAASTU RESEARCH, an Institution which is totally Dedicated towards the Research of Vaastu Shashtra, Feng Shui, Structural Changes & Does all the Projects under the Supervision of Guru Ji ji & Educate the People that How they are being Cheated by Some Vaastu Consultants who for their Personal Benefit, Recommend Placing Pyramids, Vaastu Yantras, Performing Vaastu Pujas, Feng Shui Objects, Placing of Hanging Rods, Windchimes, Turtles etc etc Which is totally absurd.People Should also understand that they should not Invest their Hard Earned money to such cheat Vaastu experts, Pyra Vaastu Consultants or Feng Shui people or Tarot Card Readers or SO CALLED THIRD EYE BABAS WHO ARE JUST DOING MONEY MINTING BUSINESS & FOOLING PEOPLE. Guru Ji is the Principal of VAAASTU SHASHTRA RESEARCH CENTRE, an Organization which handles all Vaastu Related Researches for the Past 25 years under the Blessings of Acharya Guru Ji. There has been very Deep & Exhaustive Research on these Subjects so that People across the Globe should know What is true & what is Fraud, Since Everyone is Trying to become Either an Tantrik or a Numerologist or a Vaasthu Consultant or a Tarot Card Reader. Because of these Fake Tantriks n Vaastu Experts People are Loosing Faith in these Sciences.Guru Ji Is a World Renowned (Internationally Famous) Tantrik, Palmist, Numerologist, Gemologist, Graphologist, Stock Market Analyst, Nameologist, Fortunologist, Clairvoyant, Palm Reader, Feng Shui Specialist as well as a Vastu Shastra Consultant. He Has His Clients not only from India but also all over the World across the Globe.You Can Also Invite Internationally Renowned Celebrity, (Best Indian, Most Famous World Wide) Astronumerologist (Bollywood, Tollywood, Lollywood, Indian Television Industry & Hollywood), Signature Specialist, Name Number Balancing Specialist & Vaastu Science Expert Guru Ji ji (India’s Most Famous, Respected, Popular & Result Oriented Tantrik, Numerologist, Gemologist, Astro Consultant, Most Accurate Predictions Regarding Worldwide Share Market & Commodity Market, Nameologist, Vaastu Guru, Palmist) For Vaastu Visit For Your Office, House, Flat, Showroom, Plot, Restaurants, TV Channels, Film Studio, Factory, Industry, Print Media Offices, Shop, Mall, Marriage Halls, Hotels, Stadiums, FM Radio Stations, Housing Society, Banquet Halls etc… anywhere In India as Well as Abroad.As a personal Tantrik of many dignitaries, he commands a respectable position because of his credibility. 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