Witchcraft Love Spells

Witchcraft Love Spells

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We provide most powerful and strong potions for your love relationship, If your lover is not agree for your love, or your lover rejected your proposal and you want to make him/her agree for your love so you can take our services for help, We provide all kind of witchcraft love spell and potions which really magical and helps for love cases, if you want to make your lover agree for relationship or you want to get love back by witchcraft love spell so this page is for you, read it carefully, many free witchcraft love spells available already for you and if you want our professional help to caste witchcraft love spell so you can contact us by email also. Our all services are available only for genuine cases and serious relationship only. Witchcraft love spells are very strong and powerful and famous in all over world also. That spells works so fast and it is very effective for love relationship and also you can solve many purposes by Witchcraft spells. Please read our pages carefully to understand clearly about spells and magic, we made it only for you to understand and belief for spells and magic which exist and it has a hidden world also which is disappear but it has miracles. It can change your destiny, it can give you lot of powers and abilities to gain maximum in your life, everything is possible with the help of Witchcraft, WIcca and Voodoo Magical Spells and Potions and Lucky Charm and Talismans also.

Help For Witchcraft Love Spell $121.00

Take a white candle and burn it and it should be bigger than 8 inches long and prepare a alter and decorate it and take rose thorn from a white rose bush and say this spell ( All My Move Come To Me) blow off candle 3 times with the help of your breaths and light it again, every time you should say same spell and after it place the candle in the central of altar and light it again. Gaze upon it and visualize your love coming to you with respect and care. And Now Say (Witches, i am calling you from the sky, please help me and bless me with the power of your energies, bless me and give me command to rule over lover, make him crazy for me, Make it move from there to meet me) So after that make a circle in the room from vermilion powder or ash and also make a pentagram under this circle and seat under that the central area of pentagram and concentrate your mind over that person for which you are casting this powerful witchcraft spell for love. After seating light candle around you and call lover by mental powers strongly again and again, when you are calling lover, you should keep red candles in both hand and you should face west side only. after completing this process leave lover photo in the central area where you seated for spell. after that seat in the bedroom, do not try to light off candles and do not touch any material, leave it as it is. After sleeping witches will come there and they will fulfill your desire soon.

Help For Witchcraft Spell For Love $121.00

This is another most powerful and strong witchcraft love spell for this you need a room, one black cloth to wear (transparent) candles (51) you should wait for dark moon night, in dark moon night light fire and keep a bowl over it, put one human bone, one owl wing, your 11 hairs and nails of hands and legs into bowl, put your urine also into bowl and wait for 15 minutes, when it is boiling into bowl, light 11 candles around that fire and seat in front of fire, you should face west side only and take candles in your hands and say this spell (Ouh, Witches, This is the dark moon night, give me power, i have candle lights, i want to make my lover agree forever, help with your power make him in my favor, energize this potion, care for my emotions, energize please) after that words take bowl and filter the liquid which you made from your urine, wing, bone and hairs and keep it safe somewhere into bottle. Now light 11 candles around you and seat into that circle, face south side and concentrate your mind and visualize as you are calling witches and they are around you and asking to tell the reason. Now say your request and take bottle of liquid in your right hand and in left hand take a candle and say these words ( Musssetera Liaano Busssitana Shamano, Wusshirea Shumano Shuuuuuuu…………) after that leave your breath over that bottle and show candle also and keep it safe somewhere. Now you can use this energized potion which you made in dark moon witchcraft love spell. Whenever you have time you can meet with desired person and mix this potion into his food or drink also sprinkle it over desired person. Beloved will come under control.

Help For Witchcraft Love Spell $121.00

This is most powerful witchcraft love spell to get love back or to make someone agree for your love, It will take seven days to complete. To perform the work, you will need to arrange a pair of large lodestones (male and female if you are heterosexual; both male or both female if you are homosexual), one packet magnetic sand, one plate ( steel or iron made not allowed ), anointing oil, small personal items or paper and ink, and a red candle. A plain offertory candle will do, but the red “lovers” figural candle shown here or the red “Bride and Groom” Figural Candle shown at the top of this page are particularly appropriate for drawing a partner of the opposite sex.

Before you begin lodestone love spells, determine which ends of the lodestones draw to each other most strongly. Place the lodestones on the tray, some distance apart, with the attracting ends facing each other. Behind them and between them, forming a triangle, set up the candle.

Next, name the lodestones: one for you and one for the person you wish to attract. If you can get anything of the person’s (a photo, a lock of hair, nail parings), place it beneath the person’s lodestone. Place something similar of yours beneath your lodestone. If you cannot get such items, write the person’s name three times in red ink on one piece of white parchment and your name three times in red ink on another piece of white parchment and place those beneath the respective lodestones. If you are already having sexual relations with the person you wish to have love you, simply personalize the lodestones by anointing them with sexual fluids: semen for a “he” stone and vaginal fluids or menstrual blood for a “she” stone.

On the first day, dress the candle with a love-drawing oil, such as Come to Me, Love Me, Follow Me Boy, or Lavender Love Drops. Sprinkle a little of the oil on each lodestone as well. Light the candle and feed the lodestones with one-seventh of the magnetic sand. Concentrate on your desires. You may also read aloud the Song of Solomon, which is in the Bible. Let the candle burn one-seventh of the way down and snuff it.

The next day, move the lodestones a little closer to each other. Again light the candle and feed the lodestones with one-seventh of the magnetic sand. Concentrate on your desires and read aloud the Song of Solomon. Let the candle burn one-seventh of the way down and snuff it.

Continue in this way for seven days until the candle is finished and the lodestones are touching and are well covered with magnetic sand.

Help For Black Magic Love Spell To Get Lover Back $121.00

This is a powerful and strong indian love spell to get lover back. You can caste this spell at midnight of sunday or tuesday. Seat on black mat, face north side, light fire in front of you and throw 11 cloves, 11 cardamons and some yellow mustard seeds mixed into mustard oil 501 times and say this chant each time when you are throwing that items into fire.

“Aum Chiti Chiti Chandalini Shamshan Vashini Lover Name Vashyam Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha”

This Witchcraft Love Spell is so easy and effective for small issues in love relationship. If your lover not listening you and fighting with you for small issues daily and you want to make him agree so you can take his hairs, his photo, and his any used cloth like handkerchief, which is not washed but used before it. Keep it safe and wait for sunday night at sunday night light red candle on left and right side of you and seat properly as you pray in church now take a red cloth and one white cloth, make one pentagram into white cloth from red ink and keep his hairs and cloth into that white cloth under pentagram and now fold it properly and make one square into red cloth from black ink and keep this photo into that red cloth and fold it and now keep white and red both cloth in same direction and stitch it by black threads and keep in your purse and now when you will meet with him, keep that item in your purse or hand, he will stop fighting with you again and again and love you always like before. This powerful and easy witchcraft love spell works for small issues between husband and wife also and lovers and you should not go in temple or masjid or church with this item, if you will go there with this item so from holy and divine power it will be destroyed and you need to make it again by same procedure, keep distance from every holy item and divine things if you are using this witchcraft love spell. Also use it only when you have urgent work or any emergency for daily routine do not use it otherwise day by day power will be loosed and you cannot get expected effect over desired person. If you want any information regarding Witchcraft Love Spell so you can fill this form and send it to us, we will reply you soon with details.

If you want to get our professional help to caste spells for love or you want to hire us for witchcraft love spells so you can consult with us for it, send us complete details about your problem also send photos and names of desired person, we will read it and suggest you method from which you can get back your love quickly. For our paid services please fill the form and submit by email, and wait for our reply, we will contact you soon. Please only discuss by email to protect your privacy and personal information. We dedicated to you and your problem is our problem and we will try our best to solve your problem soon if you are in our touch.

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